1-SHAPE™ Works

The Power & Effectiveness of 1-SHAPE


Soy protein curbs appetite
Keeps hunger at bay
Maintains muscle mass


Psyllium husk moves slowly through the digestive system helping you feel fuller, longer


American ginseng helps you burn more calories

The Cornerstones of Nutritional Immunology

Maximize your results of the 1-Shape Challenge by incorporating the Cornerstones of Nutritional Immunology, eat right, exercise regularly, sleep well & be positive, to carry your good health well past your 1-Shape Challenge journey.

Read more from last year's 1‑SHAPE Challenge winner Ken Huang


Are you an E. EXCEL Distributor? Then participating in the 1-SHAPE Challenge is easy. Just follow these simple steps and you'll be on your way to a healthier you!

Purchase your 1‑SHAPE Challenge Promo Pack
Register for the 1‑SHAPE Challenge by May 1
Drink 1-SHAPE before meals 2-3x per day
Submit a written or video testimonial about your journey as well as before and after photos

It's that simple! Check out the official rules for more information.


1st Prize

iPad Mini 3 + $500 E. EXCEL product voucher

2nd Prize

Apple Watch + $250 E. EXCEL product voucher

3rd Prize

Fit Bit + $100 E. EXCEL product voucher

4th Prize

E. EXCEL logo bag + 1-SHAPE or 1-SHAPE Lite