January 10, 2019
E. EXCEL's Management Team Grows to Meet the Challenges!
As Senior Vice President of E. EXCEL, it is with great excitement that I welcome in new members of E. EXCEL's management team. As our company continues to grow and reach new heights, we have set our sights higher than ever. To help us reach these goals, I am pleased to announce the addition of three new members to E. EXCEL's executive staff: Lynn Gilbert, President & CEO; Michael Gilbert, Chief Financial Officer; and Cindy Gilbert, Chief Marketing Officer. These individuals will ensure our success as a company and your success as an E. EXCEL Distributor.
Lynn Gilbert, President & CEO
Lynn has over 35 years of business experience, and as a Certified Public Accountant and business advisor, Lynn has helped hundreds of business succeed and grow. His relationship with Founder Dr. Jau-Fei Chen goes back to E. EXCEL’s beginnings in 1987. He has assisted E. EXCEL in its global growth and he is excited to focus his efforts on helping us prosper in North America. He is committed to fulfilling Dr. Chen's vision of bringing Nutritional Immunology into homes across the world and in helping each and every E. EXCEL Distributor achieve their dreams.
Michael Gilbert, Chief Financial Officer
Michael Gilbert is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who has gained a reputation for helping his clients succeed by focusing on quality and manufacturing efficiencies. With a background in both accounting and quality manufacturing, Michael's skillset will make him an indispensable asset that's key to E. EXCEL's continued growth in North America.
Cindy Gilbert, Chief Marketing Officer
Cindy Gilbert has spent her adult life helping others achieve their goals and dreams. She is experienced in teaching and training leadership skills. Her relationship with E. EXCEL and its Founder, Dr. Jau-Fei Chen, stretches more than 30 years, making her the perfect choice to lead Distributor Relations at E. EXCEL. Cindy also believes in the life-changing science of Nutritional Immunology, and the power within each person who works hard to achieve their dreams. Cindy is excited to continue to share E. EXCEL and the opportunity for a richer life that it provides.
As a company, we have the opportunity to rise to new levels. We are poised for growth and we are ready to support everyone who joins the E. EXCEL family.

Please help me in welcoming the Gilberts back to the E. EXCEL family! Together as an executive team, we will be traveling to meet you in the upcoming months. Thank you for your continued support and for making E. EXCEL the company that it is today.
Gary Takagi
Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
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