September 5, 2018
Dear E. Exceller, 
We hope that you’re enjoying the freedom of customizing your daily nutrition to fit your needs with our individually sold Daily Nutrition Morning & Evening Capsules! Don’t forget, we’re including a $10 coupon with every purchase of Daily Nutrition Morning & Evening Capsules throughout September to be used on your next order.
We’re excited to announce that our traditional 1K Anniversary Packs and Excelerator Packs will still be available for new Club of Excellence members! Though we have discontinued traditional Daily Nutrition Packs, and the names may be changing soon, these bundles are a great deal for new Distributors who join E. EXCEL’s Club of Excellence! 
Please note, since we are no longer selling DNPs, old order forms are now out of date and cannot be used. Be sure to use the updated order form available in the EVO library, or simply use our online shopping cart to place your order. Get started by logging in to EVO now.
For better health and a richer life,
Always E. EXCEL!
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