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March 10, 2014

E-View: Fantastic Nutrition for Eyes

Orchestra is back!

Ready to take flight?

E. EXCEL Congratulates the Winners of our 2014 Destination Taiwan Contest!

With the greatest pleasure, we announce the winners of our Destination Taiwan 2014 Travel Incentive Contest! These winners will be traveling to Taiwan next month to see the incredible sites of Taiwan and participate in Taiwan's E. EXCEL Convention!

Click here to see who won!

E. EXCEL's Products of the Month:  Triflora Osmanthus and O-Seed!

In March take advantage of two great deals for E. EXCEL's Product of the Month! Purchase 4 Triflora™ Osmanthus for the price of 3 AND 4 O­Seed® for the price of 3!!

Triflora: 6100331 | Wholesale: US $120.16 | COE: US $108.16 | CV: 95.80

O-Seed: 300751 | Wholesale: US $140.00 | COE: US $126.00 | CV: 113

To learn more about this month's specials, click here!

Win Celebration or Millennium Powder in March!

This month you also have the opportunity to win Celebration™ or Millennium® Powder Beverage! These signature beverages are two of E. EXCEL's best, so don't pass up this chance to win!

To find out how to winCelebration or Millennium, click here!

Please note, the PGQV of a New Master will qualify only one distributorship for the Celebration or Millennium PGQV requirement.

NI Today, Volume 13, Now Available

Volume 13 of the NI Today magazine discusses antioxidants, what they are, what they can do for you and some specific antioxidants for good health. It's now available through our product catalog in the online Business Center under Share E. EXCEL. Or call us at 800-733-3744 and request it today.

Single copy | Product code - 20510 | cost US $3.00

10 pack | Product code - 205105 | cost US $15.00

Orchestra™ is Back!

We are pleased to announce that Orchestra™ is back in stock and available for order. Product code: 610200

For new E. Excellers, you might want to check out NI Today magazine, Vol 12, for information on the ingredients in Orchestra. A DVD of Dr. Chen introducing Orchestra is also available in the online Business Center.

More Product Improvements!

Dr. Jau-Fei Chen has created enhanced formulations for Oxyginberry® Beverage, Essence of Time™ and Essence of Play™. These products will be available until the current stock is gone, at which time the new formulations will be introduced. Stay tuned for more news on Dr. Chen's improvements to these beverages!