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with Dr. Chen

Dr. Jau-Fei Chen is an eminent Nutritional Immunologist with a long and rich history of building the science of Nutritional Immunlogy.

She presents information about health gleaned from her many years of research and study in Nutritional Immunology. These sessions are presented at various venues in the United States and Canada and they usually last approximately two hours. They are presented in either English or Mandarin, via satellite from her headquarters in Shanghai, and are open to the public with tickets available from selected individuals in the areas in which the sessions are held.

Three Chapters of Health Information!

Dr. Chen is currently holding a series of events in three "Chapters" that consist of an interviewer in each chapter who asks Dr. Chen questions concerning various health issues. If time permits, quesitons from the audience may also be asked at the end of the session.

Just as each chapter in a book presents new ideas and moves the story further along, so do each of these three Chapters of LIVE! with Dr. Chen. Make sure you take the opportunity to see each Chapter for all the available information Dr. Chen has to offer at this time!

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  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Los Angeles, California
    • The previously scheduled meeting for Sept 22 will be re-scheduled. Please check back later.

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Dr. Chen and Nutritional Information.

Past Events

  • Los Angeles, CA, Chapter 1: Saturday, June 22, 2013,

  • Vancouver, BC, Chapter 1: Sunday, August 11, 2013,
    • Los Angeles, CA, Chapter 2: Sunday, August 18, 2013,

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    "Loved it! I would encourage others to listen."

    Norine Lee, California

    "...WORTH IT!"

    Pat Tuttle, California

    "A very descriptive workshop and very smooth presentation..."

    Johny Chan, California

    "The lecture and the venue were excellent. Thank you!"

    Teri Tanimura, California